Vision and Learning Reading Group

The mission of the weekly vision and learning reading group at the Computer Vision Laboratory is to explore the literature and the methods in vision and learning, to help each other to understand the concepts and the algorithms, to inspire each other to be creative.

The archives of the past meetings:

  1. 07/16/2004, Kullback-Leibler Boosting, Ce Liu and Hueng-Yeung Shum, CVPR2003.
  2. 07/23/2004, A Rao-Blackwellized Particle Filter for EigenTracking, by Zia Khan, Tucker Balch, and Frank Dellaert, Georgia Institute of Technology College of Computing, CVPR2004
  3. 08/06/2004, Generalized Belief Propagation, Jonathan S. Yedidia, William T. Freeman, and Yair Weiss.
  4. 08/13/2004, Capturing image structure with probabilistic index maps, by Nebojsa Jojic and Yaron Caspi, Microsoft Research, CVPR2004.
  5. 08/20/2004, Shape Representation and Classification Using the Poisson Equation, by Gorelick, at el., CVPR2004.
  6. 08/27/2004, Active Contours without Edges, Trans. IP, vol. 10, No2, Feb. 2001.
  7. 09/03/2004, Expectation-Maximization as Lower Bound Maximization, by Thomas P. Minka.
  8. 09/10/2004, A Tutorial on Hidden Markov Models and Selected Applications in Speech Recognition, by LAWRENCE R. RABINER.
  9. 09/17/2004, A Tutorial On Filter Banks And Wavelets, by Truong Q. Nguyen.
  10. 09/24/2004, A Unified Algebraic Approach to 2-D and 3-D Motion Segmentation, by R. Vidal and Y. Ma, ECCV2004.
  11. 10/01/2004, A New GPCA Algorithm for Clustering Subspaces by Fitting, Differentiating and Dividing Polynomials, by R. Vidal, Y. Ma and J. Piazzi, CVPR2003.
  12. 10/08/2004, Affine Invariant Flows in the Beltrami Framework, by N. Sochen, Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision, 2004.
  13. 11/12/2004, MPEG standards.
  14. 11/19/2004, Learning the parts of objects by non-negative matrix factorization, by Daniel D. Lee and H. Sebastian Seung, Nature 1999.
  15. 11/26/2004, Fast Energy Minimization via Graph Cuts, by Yur Boykov, Olga Veksler and Ramin Zabih, PAMI 2001.

The current events:

Every Friday.
  1. 01/28/2005, Image Parsing: Unifying Segmentation, Detection, and Recognition, by Zhuowen Tu, Xiangrong Chen, Alan L. Yuille, Song-Chun Zhu, ICCV2003.
  2. 02/11/2005, Talk by Haibin Ling.
  3. 02/19/2005, Region competition: unifying snakes, region growing, and Bayes/MDL for multiband image segmentation, by Song Chun Zhu and Yuille, A., PAMI 1996.
  4. 02/26/2005, Pattern Theory: the Mathematics of Perception, APPTS Report #02-10, by David Mumford, August 2002.